H o m e

H o m e

‘Home’ is as abstract and peaceful, as it is blunt and unnerving.


I wrote the track back in 2011. Around this time, I had already begun to feel tired of living. I had little energy; my mind had slowed; my body was in a state of conservation. I wanted to be free; I wanted no more suffering, undesirable emotions, or self-inflicted pressures. So, as much as ‘Home’ can be understood as a peaceful song, it is actually about a longing for death — not for a bleak absence — but some sort of new world, where I could finally be unchained.


The piano introduction uses the ‘tintinnabulation’ technique, theorised by Arvo Pärt; it comprises two ‘voices’, each representing very different characters — dichotomies, really. Towards the end of the piece, I include a sea sample which I recorded from the little beach beside Portbalintrae one dying, summer evening. The sea has always been a source of strange comfort to me; I think this is because so much of it is true to life: the ebb and flow; the rhythm; the storminess, the calm; the current, the buoyancy.

‘Home’ is cavernous, and feels a little empty; it is a longing to be elsewhere.



l y r i c s :

Lead me to the place You call Home;

Let me go on wings like eagles.

Come, to me Grace;

Come, to me Love;

Come, be my Hope.