P a w n s

P a w n s

In every way, Pawns is harsh and honest, with an external cryptic coating. I don’t want to speak too much of its meaning.

Ultimately, Pawns exposes my fear of being nothing but a pawn sacrificing its life for the King, in a world which is nothing more a game — and at times, a game I see as hopeless. As in Nightingale, I consign that I do not so much Hope directly, but rather cling to a hope in Hope.


Yet, I see there is much more goodness alive here than pain and suffering. And although some darker things cannot just leave our thoughts, good things can still enter and spend a long time frolicking inside our ‘cerebrum playgrounds’ (don’t laugh! yes, I am keeping in that analogy…) I choose to look and marvel at the good people — the ones I know (or knew) personally. I even like to imagine all the good people who once lived that we are never told about. This process helps to re-orientate living and who I imagine the King to be.


Musically, Pawns is almost exclusively a vocal piece. My intention was to enhance the vocal inflections within the phrase: “just pawns” electronically, therefore emulating the kick // snare // hi-hat network of the drum kit. The piano’s role is to play a recurring riff in the refrain sections. I co-produced this with Matt, of 10Man Productions, and he added in the feedback magic.

The layered vocal choral ending is my balm to you, and to me. Take from that what you will.



l y r i c s :

i’ll sing – i’ll sing to you of my love –

Of how we played cards – and i bluffed.

The queen – queen of hearts –

Left me with clubs and spades – and i fold.


Dealt – dealt me Your love and hope –

But silence Your 2D spoke – near stained glass eyes.

Do i stab – stab my spade through Your white flags –

And runaway from You – and with my love.


Are we just pawns, in your game?

Are we just pawns, for the King?